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Intuitive Eating Essentials Online Course

Eating doesn’t have to be rigid, restrictive, or stressful! Ditch the diets and find a better way to nourish your body and mind.

Imagine having a peaceful and easy relationship with food. Breaking free from food rules, diets, binging, and guilt so you can live a life with food freedom. Discover how to eat the foods you love and live a life of freedom you deserve without stress, guilt, shame, or deprivation!

This course is for you if you:

Feel overwhelmed and confused about what is the right balance of foods for you and your body.
Struggle with food guilt and obsess over what to eat.
Fear eating “off-limit” foods and often feel out of control when you do eat them.
Want to feel at peace with your food and your body.
Want to choose what to eat from a place of self-care and abundance, not deprivation and restriction.
Want to navigate emotional eating while learning new coping skills.

You deserve trust, connection, and freedom with your relationship to food and your body.

• 12 Modules with audio lectures self-paced
• Worksheets and thought-provoking journal activities to use throughout the course


All audio and written content is yours to download and keep forever!

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