Sports Nutrition

Suzanne has experience working with athletes and clients of all ages and abilities including youth, high school, collegiate, and adult “weekend warriors”, from a variety of sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, baseball, swimming, ballet/dance, running/triathlon, etc.). Contact me to develop and oversee a performance nutrition program designed specific to your athlete and/or team’s year round training need(s).



Performance Nutrition

– Fueling for athletic performance

– Increase energy

– Optimize recovery

– Weight management & body composition goals

– Hydration strategy

– Safe supplementation

– Nutrition Periodization

– Injury Nutrition

Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders

Suzanne educates her clients about the negative effects of restrictive dieting, dispels nutrition and exercise myths and misinformation, and creates balanced eating and activity plans with a Health at Every Size approach.

She helps clients decode their “fat feelings,” separate physical from emotional hungers, reconnect with their body and true self, and understand what purpose restricting, bingeing, purging, compulsive exercise, and/or rigid food rules are serving in their lives.

Suzanne effectively challenges distorted thoughts about food, exercise, and body/weight and teaches skills in how to express, nurture, and tolerate emotions without abusing food, exercise, or their bodies.

Full recovery from eating disorders is possible with the help of a strong, compassionate treatment team. Referrals to other team members are available if needed.

Intuitive and Mindful Eating

Non-diet approach to eating well!

Suzanne will help you Increase awareness of your physical and emotional cues to eating and recognize non-hunger triggers for eating while learning to nourish your emotional needs without food.  Understand which foods make you feel best and conquer fitness fears while practicing body kindness and compassion.

Suzanne will help you discover how to indulge without feeling guilty and ditching the stress of calorie counting all while improving digestion, mood, energy, and wellness.

Digestive Wellness

If you are struggling with gas, bloating, discomfort or any other digestive symptoms, Suzanne offers evidence-based strategies along with personal experience and clinical expertise to discover what is triggering your symptoms and how you can move forward to take your life back.

Following a low FODMAP diet can help identify your triggers. FODMAPs are small chain sugars and fibers that are poorly digested and can contribute to gas, bloating and other digestive woes. FODMAPs are fast food for gut bacteria. When the bacteria consume the FODMAPs, they produce gas.  Following a low FODMAP diet can be a challenge without the help of a FODMAP knowledgeable dietitian.

Family Wellness

Raising a healthy child is every parents priority. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and Suzanne can help with your nutriton concerns as Suzanne’s expertice includes child and adoldescent nutrition. Whether parents are concerned about their child gaining weight too quickly or too slowly, Suzanne can provide tailored strategies to ensure your child grows healthfully. Questions about starting solid foods with your infant, concerns about your “picky “eater” or how to tailor meal planning for your family, Suzanne can help ease all your questions and put you and your family on the right path for health!

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