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Welcome to Building Better Nutrition!

Nutrition at it’s Best!

Everywhere you turn someone is providing nutrition advice. How do you know which ones you can trust?  I provide reliable, and credible nutrition!  I give my clients fresh, realistic, and science-based eating strategies to nourish your body healthfully and mindfully.  I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Board Certified Sports Dietitian, specializing in eating disorders and digestive wellness.   I enjoy running, triathlons,  nutrition, and food!  My blog will explore nutrition issues from relationships with food, body image, sports performance, digestive health, and sharing recipes.  I love to empower and guide individuals to achieve optimal health through wholesome eating and active living.  I provide a non-diet approach to nutrition while promoting intuitive eating and finding peace with food, accurate nutrition information, without creating fear or guilt.  



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