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Building Better Nutrition

Personalized & compassionate treatment helping teens & adults just like you build balanced nutrition and reclaim your life.

It’s time to stop letting food control you

Stop stressing about food and exercise. It is common for many people to swing from extremes of restriction to overcompensation. But one thing disordered eating has in common for everyone…it’s rigid, restrictive, and stressful.

You feel like food controls you. You experience extremes of chaos and restriction. You feel like you’ve lost control and you often feel hopeless. You spend most of your time and energy worrying about food and your body. You have inner turmoil within yourself and you can’t find peace no matter what you try.

Building Better Nutrition specializes in helping people just like YOU. We help you spend less time and energy worrying about food while gaining a respect for your body and a peaceful, healthy relationship with food. You will discover how to eat foods you love and live a life of freedom that you deserve…without stress, shame, or deprivation.

Our Nutrition Services

Our aim is to help you trust yourself with ALL foods— yep, even those you thought were “off-limits.” We help you stop restricting yourself and gain control of your life. And, our favorite part…we aren’t diet or weight loss focused. We focus on life enhancing behaviors. You’ll never feel judged or “made to diet.”  
We focus on intuitive eating and teach you how to trust your body’s cues and fully nourish yourself. We help you form the life you’ve always wanted.


Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders

Eating disorders and disordered eating is unique for each individual. You may restrict your eating, eat compulsively, or just have irregular or inflexible eating patterns. When you ignore it, eating disorders can become life threatening. Building Better Nutrition will help you decode your negative thought patterns and rework them in a healthy way while learning to respect your body and gain a flexible nutrition routine that’s right for you.


Sports Nutrition

Building Better Nutrition has experience teaching proper nutrition to athletes of all ages. From soccer to swimming, ballet to football, and tennis to running…we cover it all. Your best performance is only as good as your daily nutrition.


Intuitive & Mindful Eating

We are over diet culture at Building Better Nutrition. Fad diets have taken over our culture and teach you unsustainable ways to achieve your goals…and fad diets keep you stuck in the diet cycle, which pushes you further from your goals. Our Intuitive & Mindful Eating program is a non-diet approach to eating well.


Digestive Wellness

You’re living your day to day life with digestive symptoms like gas, bloating, or discomfort and you’re desperate for change. We help you take back your life with evidence-based strategies to discover what is triggering your symptoms and finally conquer them.


Family Wellness

Raising a healthy child is every parent’s priority…but it is challenging. Through Family Wellness, we create a tailored approach to ensuring your child grows and is properly nourished despite the issues they are facing.

About Us

Building Better Nutrition was founded by Registered Dietitian Suzanne Iovanni and her desire to help you learn how to eat from a place of self-care and abundance, not self-control and deprivation.

Imagine having a peaceful and easy relationship with food…finally breaking free from food rules, diets, binging, and guilt so you can live a life with food freedom. 

Suzanne’s passion is to help you create a nourished and balanced approach to food freedom. To help you discover how to eat the foods you love and live a life without stress, guilt, shame, or deprivation!  

Suzanne Iovanni, RDN, CSSD

Owner & Founder

Logan Smith, RDN

Nicole Bodin, RDN

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What Clients Are Saying

It’s hard for me to put into words what Suzanne Iovanni has done for me. She saved my life, literally. I was diagnosed with anorexia at 14 years old and I was falling down a spiraling path. Then my pediatrician sent me to Suzanne to get me to start eating again (after I was discharged from the hospital). Without Suzanne’s help with teaching me and showing me how to eat again, I would have died. I LOVE food now and Suzanne helps me stay healthy. Suzanne Iovanni is the most amazing, talented, and intelligent nutritionist out there.
Suzanne Iovanni helped save my life with her ongoing care and encouragement. She guided me from denial of my eating disorder to acceptance then recovery. She believed in me when I couldn’t find anything to believe in myself. She provided guidance to me nutritionally, physically, and emotionally. I trusted her at the most difficult time of my life when it was hard to trust anyone. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for Suzanne.

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